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No more resumes!

Do you know this as well? You are looking for new employees, but you have many dropouts in the application process. This is usually because the website is not mobile-friendly or the resume is a required field. Imagine that the applicant is sitting at breakfast, on the train or in the quiet and comes to your website. Give him the opportunity to apply and qualify him with targeted questions instead of asking for a resume. With our free system, you can do this and create custom application forms that ask everything you would otherwise look for in a resume. This gives you more time to see A-list candidates and contact them immediately.


Create individual application forms with your own questions in no time: experience, languages,...


The quality of the applicants directly at a glance! Mark your top answers and create your own applicant scores

Free of charge

Yes, unlimited free for ever! Premium for 99€ per month, for further options and own branding.

Our software

What if you no longer had to sift through B/C candidates tomorrow, but could immediately recognize A candidates in your inbox? Would that save you time and make recruiting more fun? Don't hesitate and use our software solution to qualify A-candidates directly.

Our software supports companies in qualifying employees directly in the application without the need for a resume. This is done via questions in the application forms. Thus, we simplify the application and save time in the evaluation.

  • Mobile optimized
  • Simple layout
  • Data protection compliant
  • Applicant management
  • Statistics
  • Tracking
  • QR Code
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Qualify applicants in the application process via questions and save yourself time and money.

Find the right one

Application forms that make it easy for the right applicant and hard for everyone else!

Less time

Qualification helps you save time by eliminating the need to search through resumes.

Less money

Integrated tracking lets you quickly find out which ads are bringing A-candidates.

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